Long Term Rental advantages




Save Money


Use the money you will use to purchase vehicles in your business and grow your business. Don't let an assets (like a car) that won't make you money get on your balance sheet.


Will you use the company's equity for the purchase of vehicles, invest with this money, pay the price of the vehicles you rent with the income from your investment, keep your capital in your pocket.


Will you get a vehicle loan from the bank for vehicle purchase? Then will you pay interest on the loan you received? Do not use credit from the bank for your vehicle, come rent the vehicle you want, do not pay interest in vain.


Benefit from Tax Advantages


When you rent your car, you can write all your payments as expense.


Get Discounts Without Bargaining


Take advantage of the price advantages COMET FLEET-RENT A CAR offers you. COMET-RENT A CAR FLEET receiver is in the position of constantly selling brand in Turkey, may receive higher discounts from vehicle manufacturers and distributors of the company. Comet reflects these discounts on the rental prices it offers to its customers. You benefit from discounts and profit without bargaining.


COMET FLEET-RENT A CAR from Operational Fleet Leasing advantages, which were only available to large companies in the past, are now also benefiting from small and medium sized businesses, whether with one car or one hundred cars. Even if the number of vehicles you want to rent is only one, COMET RENT A CAR offers you very special facilities and services.


Hire Purschase


Rent the vehicles you need and avoid sudden cash outflow from your business; Pay by installments, by installments. When you think the vehicles are getting old, renew your contract and we will give you new vehicles; continue to pay installments, installments.


When you rent a car, you choose a long-term partner for your company. COMET is the best business partner you can choose in the Operational Fleet Leasing sector with its service quality, financial strength, market experience, experienced employees, a vehicle fleet of more than 3.600, and a hundred percent domestic equity COMET FİLO-RENT A CAR


Fixed Payment


When you rent a car from COMET FLEET, there is a certain amount of rent you have to pay each month, you can make your budget, plan according to the rent you pay. When you rent a vehicle from COMET FLEET, you will not encounter bad surprises, you do not have to pay accident, repair and maintenance insurance costs. Costs related to your fleet do not differ from month to month.


Earn from Staff


Do not hire extra personnel to manage your fleet. Don't let your current employees waste time managing your fleet


Benefit from Education Opportunities


Take advantage of training opportunities provided by COMET FLEET for your staff, such as safe driving training.


Benefit from Tax Advantages


When you rent your car, you can show all your payments as your expense.


Your Most Reliable Business Partner COMET Fleet


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