All of our vehicles are the latest model and are Rent A Car insurance.

The prices stated on our site include the Rent A Car Insurance fee, exempt insurance and mini insurance fees are not included.

Mini insurance, Youth insurance, Exemption insurance are not included in the car rental fees stated on our website.

For insurance to be valid; Traffic accident report and alcohol report should be taken by the police before leaving the accident site and delivered to our nearest office within 48 hours, and the vehicle should not be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs or outside the legal speed limits. Otherwise, the driver of the vehicle is held responsible for all damage. Prices include unlimited mileage of the vehicles, lubrication and technical maintenance costs. Theft Insurance is included in our prices. In order for the theft insurance to be valid, the key of the vehicle must be with the person who rented the vehicle. If you leave the key on the vehicle and the vehicle is stolen, you are obliged to pay for the vehicle. Comet insurances have an exemption of up to 3.000 TL. In case of accident or material damage, regardless of the driver's fault, up to 3.000 TL of the damage repair is covered by the user.


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