Rental Conditions



The driver  must be at least 23 years old, and have a  valid international driving license for at least 2 years.




It is at least 2 days. Special rates apply for monthly or annual rentals.




Prices include lubrication, maintenance, rent a car insurance with exemption against third parties (within the legal policy limits). Fuel belongs to the lessor. Driver service and an interpreter guide are available upon request.




At the delivery of the vehicle, the total vehicle rental fee is collected by cash or credit card. At the delivery of the vehicle, the Lessor must declare an active Credit Card. At the beginning of the vehicle rental, a provision of 1.000TL excluding the rental fee is taken. However, our guests who have a deposit insurance will not be asked for a deposit. Our Turkish citizens living in Turkey and abroad can benefit from our deposit insurance option.






All of our vehicles are the latest model and are Rent A Car insurance.

The prices specified on our site include the Rent A Car - Car Rental Insurance fee, but do not include exempt insurance and mini insurance fees.

Tire, Glass, Headlight, Mini insurance, Junior insurance are not included in the car rental fees stated on our website.

For insurance to be valid; Traffic accident report and alcohol report should be taken by the police before leaving the accident site and delivered to our nearest office within 48 hours, and the vehicle should not be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs or outside the legal speed limits. Otherwise, the driver of the vehicle is held responsible for all damage. The prices include lubrication and technical maintenance costs of the vehicles. Theft Insurance is included in our prices. In order for the theft insurance to be valid, the key of the vehicle must be with the person who rented the vehicle. If you forget the key on the vehicle, you will be obliged to pay the price of the vehicle if the vehicle is stolen. The vehicle you rented is under Comet's insurance, but Comet insurances have 3000 TL exemption. In case of accident or financial damage, the part of the damage repair up to 3000 TL is covered by the user, regardless of the driver's fault.





If your reservation is approved by us, COMET RENT A CAR staff will meet you at the place and time you specify in your reservation form and deliver your vehicle.


Traffic Fines / HGS / OGS


Traffic fines The tenant is responsible for all kinds of traffic fines and legal interests during the contract period.


Hgs use is charged as much as your pass.


Ogs use is charged as much as your pass.


Cross Border Travel


Turkey borders the female exit the vehicle you are renting is strictly prohibited.


Vehicle Delivery and Return Conditions


You can deliver / return the rental car from our office or address in cities, from airports. If the delivery and return will be made outside the city limits, a fee of 1.2 TL per kilometer is charged from the nearest Comet office.


Late Returns: When the vehicle returns after the return time specified in the contract, delays up to 1 hour are notified in advance and approved by us, there is no additional charge. For delays of 1 hour or more, an additional fee of 1/5 of the daily rental fee per hour will be charged for each delayed hour. In case of delay of 5 hours or more, an extra day fee will be charged. The lessor cannot return the vehicle late without notice and cannot extend the rental period without the approval of the relevant office. Comet Rent A Car reserves the right not to approve the rental extension if the vehicle needs to be ready for the next reservation.


Fuel Policy


The vehicle is delivered with an empty warehouse and received empty.

Refunds will not be made for unused fuels left in the warehouse.


Reservation Change


Reservation changes are made up to 48 hours before the rental period begins, if requested.


Early Returns: No refund will be made for rental vehicles returning earlier than the return / return time stated in the rental contract.


Before the vehicle is delivered to the Lessee, the tenant's financial analysis (Findeks etc.) will be questioned by the Lessor. If the Tenant does not allow this inquiry and / or if the Tenant does not meet the Replease car rental terms as a result of the financial analysis, the Lessor will not deliver and lease the vehicle even if the reservation has been made by the Lessee. The Tenant agrees and undertakes in advance that he will not make any claims due to this situation and will not force the Lessor to deliver the vehicle.


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