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In addition to renting a car in the Istanbul region, you also have the opportunity to rent a car on a long-term, monthly or annual basis. Monthly car rentals include a minimum of 30 days, and long-term leases can extend this period even more. The service possibilities of companies that rent monthly are quite wide.

Those who want to rent a cheap monthly car can follow the websites of the relevant companies. Renting a monthly car saves you from the hassle of daily car rental. Most importantly, when you rent a car monthly, you have the chance to use the vehicle you want for a minimum of 1 month. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the vehicles you want in daily rentals. This rental takes you out of this difficult situation.

If you rent your monthly, long-term vehicle on behalf of your business, you have the opportunity to be deducted from your tax as much as VAT. The maintenance, tax, insurance and much more of the vehicles are covered by the relevant company. You just enjoy driving the vehicle.

So, what is required to be able to rent a car monthly in Istanbul? Let's share the answer to the question with you.


Car Rental Company

As Comet Rent a Car, we offer you the vehicle you want at affordable prices. We offer campaigns for long-term or monthly car rental. If you wish, you can inform us about your monthly and long term requests in writing. In your monthly car rentals, we offer you the chance to provide the vehicle groups you want thanks to our comfortable and rich fleet.

Thanks to our 24/7 service, you can get information about our vehicles and services from our support line at any time. Monthly car rental Comet Rent A Car is the only address for monthly car rental in Istanbul. It is always proud to serve you.


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